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Fendi Men

Fendi Sunglasses

Fendi sunglasses are a fantastically crafted, high quality, design orientated glasses collection featuring many different eyewear shapes and styles. Ranging from thick, smooth and sleek frames, to classic thin metal frames and everything in between, there is a large variety to choose from. They are available in just about every modern shape - oval, round, rectangular, aviator, cat eye and numerous others. Fendi sunglasses color choices complement the shapes, and are the perfect complement to the overal Fendi design ethic.  Fendi glasses and Fendi sunglasses can all be customized with prescription lenses, just like all of our sunglasses.  The range of sunglasses is wide, from professional blacks and greys to more vibrant and bright casual colors.

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Fendi Men Eyeglasses
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Fendi Glasses

Fendi glasses have set a new standard for fashion and function.  Fendi poured its years of experience and technical know-how into the design and durability of its new Fendi glasses line. The Fendi glasses collection is a pure Italian, constructed of such premium metals as titanium, stainless steel and hand-made acetate. Quality spring hinges, adjustable nose pieces and moldable temples are combined with graphic applications and logo treatments. The initial Fendi glasses collection consists of seven performance-oriented frames, including two with the company’s Interlock technology, and 14 sport fashion styles. Along with the standard eyeglasses available there is also a significant amount of sunglasses available to really add some class and style to your summer look.

Fendi Eyeglasses

Fendi eyeglasses is a newer and central addition to the Fendi line of products portfolio. These prescription eyeglasses are made with a regular hinge, full rims or half rims, adjustable nose pads, and you can choose from a variety of different stylish color patterns. The line is divided between smaller eye sizes which are great for stronger, single vision prescriptions, and larger size acetate frames which are perfect for progressive lenses. Consisting of glasses frames accommodating prescription lenses, the Fendi glasses brand was added to the accessories portfolio and bespeak elegance and high quality.

Fendi Eyewear

The story of Fendi eyewear begins with the founding of Fendi in 1925 on Via del Plebiscito, a busy street in the center of Rome near the main throughfare. There, Adele and Edoardo Fendi opened a small and medium leather goods shop. They gave birth to five daughters, Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla and Alda, who in 1946 all decided to join the family business. Later in 1965, Karl Lagerfeld joined the company as its artistic director, and he began the process of revolutionizing and reinterpreting how to wear fur. In the 1980's, the company expanded to accessories including Fendi Eyewear.