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Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

Jimmy Choo sunglasses cater to a sophisticated clientele, and the first sunglasses collection enjoyed immediate success. Jimmy Choo himself pioneered the art of celebrity dressing, bringing shoes, handbags, and recently sunglasses to Hollywood where the red carpet runway rolled out his accessories. Now, Jimmy Choo is worn by style icons, celebrities, royalty, musicians, and heads of state. The sunglasses brand’s reputation as a celebrity favorite, combined with bold and dramatic advertising, has fueled rapid expansion. ...Read More

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Jimmy Choo Eyeglasses
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Today, Jimmy Choo sunglasses are one of a large collection of accessories. Ladies shoes remain the core of the product offer, alongside handbags, small leather goods, scarves, sunglasses, eyewear, belts, fragrance and men’s shoes. Jimmy Choo now has 167 stores in 35 countries, and can be found in the most prestigious department and specialty stores worldwide.

Jimmy Choo glasses frames are designed with the new century, career woman in mind. They are designed with the same class, sophistication, and style you would expect with all other JImmy Choo's products. The glasses feature sophisticated styles that blend perfectly with luxury, quality, and complete versatility. They are available in a beautiful and stylish selection of color palettes and luxury decor that makes them perfect for anyone with a unique element of individual style. Jimmy Choo is widely known as the icon of luxury accessories and has recently began to focus his attention to designing luxury, high quality, high fashion eyeglasses.

Jimmy Choo is a luxury accessories brand for the 21st century whose products offer an empowered sense of glamour along with a daring spirit. The roots of the company can be traced to Jimmy Choo, a shoemaker who was based in the East End of London back in the early 1990s along with his niece, Sandra Choi, a designer in London's east end atelier at the time. She started as creative director with the company and she held that position until her uncle Jimmy left company in 2001.

The sexy cut, highly fashionable design, and fine Italian craftsmanship all of Jimmy Choo's line of products featured made his company an immediate success right from the beginning. He became widely popular among a sophisticated clientele and the release of his first collection was met with immediate and much bigger than expected success. This success attracted outside investors and with this,Jimmy Choo's company began to an extensive expansion across product categories, channels, and also geographies. Jimmy Choo was a pioneer in the art of celebrity dressing and was also one of the first to bring shoes and handbags to Hollywood where it's red carpet became an ideal runway for his brand. Today, Jimmy Choo's designs can be seen on style icons ranging from celebrities to royalty, musicians, and heads of state.

Being a celebrity favorite began a period of rapid expansion for the company and Choo's dramatic advertising campaigns portrayed glamorous but strong women wearing his towering heels with his luxurious handbags were captured in photographs by notable photographers such as Marlo Testino, Inez and Vinoodh, Peter Lindenberg,Steven Meisel, and Terry Richardson. Jimmy Choo's company strategy has always been focused on retail development. Jimmy Choo's first store opened up in 1996 on Motcomb Street in London. Two years after the opening of the store,Choo opened two stores in New York City and also Beverly Hills. This international expansion continued when Choo secured locations in some of the premier luxury shopping destinations of the world's most prestigious cities including Sloane Street and Bond Street in London, Avenue Montaigne in Paris, Via , Condotti in Rome, Madison Avenue in New York, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and Ginza in Tokyo. Today, the Jimmy Choo company encompass an entire accessories luxury brand with women's shoes remaining at the heart of their market focus alongside handbags, small leather goods, scarves, sunglasses, eyeglasses, belts, and shoes for men.

In July, 2012 Pierre Denis became the company's Chief Executive Officer with Sandra Choi as creative director and it is their combined vision to create one of the most treasured luxury brands in the world. At present time, the company has 167 stores in 35 different countries and enjoys a strong presence in the world's most prestigious department and specialty stores.