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Small Glasses for Women

Small glasses frames are hard to find, and many women have difficulty finding small eyeglasses frames. The “Jackie Onassis” large style exacerbated this problem, because for years women looked for the larger lenses to fit this trend. However, there are many situations in which small eyeglasses are much more practical and stylish than a larger frame.    Small glasses and small sunglasses can all be customized with prescription lenses, just like all of our glasses and sunglasses.

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Small Glasses by Jones New York

Advantages of Small Women’s Eyeglasses

Most commonly, women look for small eyeglasses for comfort and fit. Small women often look better with small glasses, as big glasses can reinforce their “smallness”. Small glasses tend to make small women look a bit larger, but more importantly, small glasses have the right proportions for a small face, leading to an overall impression of harmony and balance. For women with strong vision corrections, small glasses also serve to keep the lenses thinner at the edges, and lighter.

Disadvantages of Small Eyeglasses

The main problem with small glasses is that they are not suitable for progressive or bifocal lenses. Most small glasses frames have a “B” (height) measurement of 28 or lower, which makes a multifocal lens difficult or impossible to install. Too-small glasses frames will pinch the sides of the head, and that becomes uncomfortable. Also, too-small frames restrict the visual field and force people to turn their heads more to see things in the periphery.

Right Size Small Eyeglasses

To find the right size of small glasses frame, the place to start is to learn the size of your current eyeglasses frame. You can read the numbers printed on the inside of the frame, or measure it with a ruler. Follow this link to read more about how to get your frame measurements.

Once you have determined the size of your current glasses, you can then look for frames with a similar size, but you really want to concentrate on the eye size + eye size + bridge size = total frame front size. For example, if the frame is a 45-17, then your frame front size is 107mm. From there, you can use our advanced search feature to look just for glasses in that range.

Small, Designer Eyeglasses Frames for Women

We have put together here a collection of small, designer frames for women. There are some brands that we particularly like for small frames: The Jones NY Petite and Alexander Daas frame collections are great for the professional and stylish look. Small Vera Bradley frames use more color and are available at a lower price point. Kate Spade is one of our most popular designer lines for women, and most of the collection is in the smaller size range. There is also the Candies Collection which, although it is skewed to the younger demographic, works for a wide range of feminine styles.