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Prescription Lens Services

This is a representative list of some of the many lens services that we offer. The prices shown are estimates only - actual prices could be different at checkout. Also, there are many conflicts and exclusions because some lens services are only available on certain lenses and in certain combinations.

Edge Polishing $19 Edge polishing is usually just for rimless frames. Read More All of our lenses are buffed at no charge.  Edge polishing give a high sheen to the edges of the lens, which some people prefer on the lenses used in rimless eyeglass frames. In some cases people have lenses that are substantially thicker than the frame and they prefer to have a polish on the edges. Read less
Edge Rolling $29 Rolled lenses have the edges removed. Read More By removing the edges the lens appears thinner. Read less
Lens Swap Fee $9 Switching lenses to new frame. Read More If you purchase a new frame from us, we can switch lenses from another frame into the new frame.  This is a non-refundable fee. Read less
New Nose Pads $6 Replacement nose pads, installed on your frame. Read More New nose pads replaced on your frame. Read less
Rimless Mounting Fee $38 Rimless, three-piece frames require careful drilling and mounting of lenses. Read More Some frames like the Silhouette rimless eyeglass frames have a double-drilled hole on each side of each lens. This work is done by hand by skilled technicians that do hundreds of mountings each week.  This is a non-refundable fee. Read less
Rush/Special Attention $9 Rush service guarantees that we will take special care to move your lens order as fast as possible. Read More Need your glasses as fast as possible?  With our RUSH service, we will take special care of your order to make sure it is processed as fast as humanly possible.  However, we will never compromise quality to make your lenses faster. Read less