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Reading and Computer Lenses

Reading lenses are used for reading at a distance of 16" to 2".  Reading lenses can be custom made without a prescription ("magnifiers"), or you can buy ready made reading glasses with magnifying lenses already in them.  Ready-made readers are usually less expensive, but you are not able to get special features and lens coatings.  For your favorite frames, and with the best coatings and features, custom made reading lenses are the best choice.

Nowadays many people try to use reading glasses to read their computer or notebook device.  However, most people read their devices at a distance of 20” to 27”, and for this “intermediate” distance, you need to use a lower power than your reading lenses, typically one-half of your reading prescription.  To find the best lenses for your needs, think carefully about how you will use them, and then determine the type of lens to fit your needs.  Feel free to call our customer service department if you would like a consultation.

For non-prescription magnifyers, powers start at +0.25 and go up to +10.00.  Write down your reading power in the "Special Instructions" box on the last page of the checkout area.  If you want reading sunglasses, choose this option and later on in the Lens Wizard you will be able to add tint to the lenses. If you want computer vision lenses, specify this on the last page of the checkout area in the "special instructions" box.