Men's Rectangle Glasses

Best Men's Rectangular Glasses

Most men prefer rectangular glasses, either to bring in some angles to a too-round face, or to introduce a more linear, masculine, professional look. Men in business, especially wearing a suit - can augment their look with a rectangular shape framing their face. We love the rectangular Ralph Lauren,  Brooks Brothers and Oakley glasses frames, both for their style and for their quality and attention to detail. We also like the idea of a half-rim or semi-rimless frame design for rectangular eyeglasses; this design lightens up the lower part of the frame and gives a professional look, but also makes the frame lighter and easier to see through.   All men's rectangular glasses can be customized with prescription lenses, just like all of our glasses and sunglasses.    All of our 350 designer eyewear brands feature rectangle-shaped glasses.  Magnetic clip ons are made for certain rectangular frames. These come with the frame - free - and offer some flexibility because you can turn your prescription eyeglasses into sunglasses. The magnetic feature is key because you can add or remove the clip with one hand, making it easy to do especially when driving. We also provide a lit of the most popular rectangular eyeglass frames for women, so you can see what other women like.

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