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At Eyeglasses.com, "Our Vision Is Service."  We have launched a program to serve those members of our society that do not have access to basic eyewear.  There are many organizations that "donate eyeglasses", but supplying an eyeglass frame alone is only one of many requirements for supplying useful eyewear to people.  An eye exam, pupil distance measurement, order creation, eyeglass frame, custom lens creation, lens installation, delivery -  many services are required to actually deliver a useful pair of eyewear.  Now, Eyeglasses.com fills that need through our "Vision for the Homeless" program. ...Read More

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Here are the steps to order eyeglasses for the homeless :
Vision For The Homeless1. Eyeglasses can only be ordered by case workers or authorized personnel of organizations established to help the homeless.
2. Orders must be placed on our website.
3. To begin, first create an account with email and password.  With one account, you can manage orders for many different clients (patients).
4. Enter a prescription for a homeless client, with their full name and date of prescription.  Be sure to include a pupil distance (PD) measurement as this is a requirement.
5.  Only the eyeglass frames listed on this page are eligible.  However, you can also send us a frame to have replacement lenses installed.  To make a replacement lenses order, follow the links from the "lenses" page.
6.  We will supply our standard single vision or bifocal lenses only; all lenses come with scratch resistant coating.  There could be some restrictions, and we will inform you after we see the order if restrictions to apply to your order.
7. Billing and shipping information must include the Organization name.  We will only ship to organization addresses.
8.  To check out, select "CC on File".
9. We do not guarantee to fill every order, orders are filled at our discretion, and we are under no obligation to complete an order.

We have had some great success with homeless shelters downloading and posting these Vision Test charts.  You can add these to your intake process, and also to your regular TB screening protocols.  The vision test is simple, easy, quick, and it give case managers an idea if vision impairment is contributing to a clients situation.