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Silhouette Glasses

Silhouette glasses are made by Silhouette, an Austrian company which makes all of its products in a factory in Bavaria, Austria. Slim, sophisticated, and stylish are just a few words to describe the iconic style of Silhouette, which is famous for their rimless glasses frame designs. Silhouette’s breathtaking Titan Minimal Art collection pushes the boundaries of rimless eyeglasses without limits - without frame, hinges, and screws. Silhouette is one of the very few major European glasses frame makers that makes all of its own components and assembles completely within its own factory. This leads to unprecedented product quality and has built for Silhouette Eyewear, an unmatched reputation in the eyewear industry. Silhouette also has a reputation for innovation.

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Silhouette Rimless Glasses

Silhouette glasses offer a range of choices in rimless, full-rim, and half-rim styles. Their optical lab allows you to install custom prescription lenses into any of their eyeglasses frames and prescription sunglasses. Whether you prefer Essilor prescription, Varilux progressives, or a Crizal Alize Anti-Reflective coating, Silhouette glasses give you an unlimited choice with total personalization. Here fashion and function come together with ultra-light titanium eyeglasses frames, using exclusive hingeless temples and polycarbonate lenses. Silhouette eyeglasses in the Silhouette Titan Minimal Art Collection were chosen by NASA for their unparalleled comfort, outstanding performance and minimal weight. Minimal weight, hinge-less construction and the marriage of form, function and fashion are the earmarks of the Silhouette sunglasses line. By melding timeless frame style with a variety of lens shapes and breakthrough technology, this collection captures the sleek, dynamic and modern attitudes of today. Silhouette Sunglasses

Why Invest in Silhouette Eyeglasses?

Silhouette glasses are for quilty while looking into the future for inspiration and innovation. Investing in a pair of space-like eyewear offers more than just distinction:

- Minimalist frames
- Almost weightless eyewear
- Sophisticated styles for men and women
- Lively color options
- Slip-free, screwless design
- High-quality craftsmanship
- Made with sturdy, reliable and lightweight metal

Silhouette Glasses

Silhouette Eyeglasses are Approved for Space

In 2000, Silhouette got the seal of approval from Nasa that their eyewear has been officially recognized as Certified Space Technology. Nasa’s exhaustive search included numerous companies competing yet it was Silhouette’s eyewear that stood up to all their testing.

In the end, Silhouette was the clear winner for the following reasons:

- Titanium temples with a highly ergonomic fit
- Lightweight and resilient (weighing in at just 1.8 grams)
- Unaffected by changes in momentum and extreme G-forces
- Temples and nose made pieces from hypoallergenic beta-titanium alloy
- Absence of screws and hinges which offers optimal safety in space conditions

According to Kevin C. Cook, Space Foundation Director at Nasa’s Space Awareness Program, “the same outstanding features that make TMA the eyewear of choice at NASA are popular here on Earth.”

Titan Minimal Art

The story behind Silhouette’s international success comes from their collection of eyewear called Titan Minimal Art (TMA). In 1999, Silhouette designed a pair of eyeglasses that were reduced to the bare minimum while focusing on high-performance and functionality. TMA Silhouette glasses has more than 400 lens shapes along with various lens tints, earpiece designs, and frames so that you can define and express your true personality. If you’re the kind of person that loves a simplistic, minimalist design, Silhouette will soon be your new go-to for eyeglasses.

About Silhouette

Silhouette is a luxury eyewear company founded in Austra in 1964. Their goal is to provide eyewear that achieves unparalleled performance with the inner-strength to withstand conditions found in the world - and - in space. Silhouette is a leader of eyewear innovation and provides a minimalistic yet stylish range of choices that are suitable for both men and women. With every pair of Silhouette eyeglasses, they strive to give all people a pair of glasses that lets them be true to themselves.

History of Silhouette

Founded in 1964 by Arnold and Anneliese Schmied in Linz, Austria, Silhouette Optical, a subsidiary of Silhouette International, has long been in the forefront of fashion eyewear. But it was the introduction of Minimal Art in 1992, a rimless titanium frame without hinges, followed by the debut of Titan Minimal art, a screwless, hingeless frame weighing only 1.8 grams debuting in 1999, that changed the course of the company... and the course of rimless eyewear. Like many major events, the impact of Titan Minimal Art was unplanned and unanticipated. “It was all very simple,” says Arnold Schmied, Silhouette executive director and a son of the founders. “We had done rimless eyewear before, a collection in 1983, and decided we wanted to do another rimless design. The response we received came as a total surprise to us. Never before in our company history had we had so much positive feedback from our reps, our customers and the end consumers as the result of one eyewear design.

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