Bifocal (With Line) Lenses

Bifocal lenses are lenses with two reading areas, that are separated by a visible line, which distinguishes these lenses from the new progressive lines which do not have a visible line.  The most common bifocal lenses are designed with a half-moon shaped reading area in the bottom half of the lens, called a "flat top".   

However, some people prefer the "executive" or “Franklin” style, in which the lens is bisected by a horizontal line  across the entire width of the lens.  We supply the flat top 28 unless you specify otherwise.  Bifocal lenses are the most cost effective way to create a lens with two viewing areas.   In the past, most bifocal lenses were made with a distance and a reading area; nowadays, people are making bifocals with an intermediate area for computer and pad use, together with either a distance area or a reading area. 

Once you have decided on the type of bifocal lens, you can then add coatings and services such as Anti-Reflective coating, Transitions, and many more.

CR-39 (regular plastic)

Crystal Vision CR39 Bi-Focal
Crystal Vision CR39, flat top 28 bifocal. The reading area has a half moon shape with a "flat top", in the bottom area of the lens. Good for prescriptions up to +/-4.00 sphere. Read More Crystal Vision plastic CR39 lenses for bi-focal vision distance viewing means that the reading area has a half moon shape with a "flat top", in the bottow area of the lens.  The standard CR39, flat top 28 bifocal has a reading area that is 28mm wide at the top.  This is a good choice for prescriptions up to +/-3.00 sphere; above that, we would recommend a higher index lens in order to reduce the thickness and weight of the lens.  This lens is available in the following range: -5.00 to +3.00 sphere, -4.00 to +3.00 cylinder, and up to +3.00 add (prism and slab off excluded). This lens is also available in the Flat Top 35 style, and in the Executive of "Franklin" style.  For the Flat Top 35 stye, the reading section is 35mm across thte top.  For the Executive style, the line bisects the entire lens from one side to the other.  After you have selected this lens, you will see the Flat Top 35 Upgrade option and the Executive Bifocal Upgrade option that you can then select.  Crystal Vision Lenses are top quality lenses at a reasonable price point.
Crystal Vision Executive Bi-focal
This CR39 bi-focal has a straight line across the entire length. Also known as "Franklin" style bifocals. Good for prescriptions up to +/-4.00.