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We only offer high quality glasses, sunglasses, and prescription lenses, guaranteed - more eyeglasses brands, less money, no hassle.  Eyeglasses.com is the only online eyewear store with an A+ rating from BBB since 2001, and we have the best consumer reviews on the internet.  Don’t “cheap” your eyes – shop at Eyeglasses.com to get the best possible vision.  Founded in 1999, Eyeglasses.com has always focused on providing the best quality eyewear products and services.  Our customer service team bends over backwards to ensure that our customers have a great eyeglasses experience.  We will answer your questions, provide suggestions, and deliver exactly what you need and want.  Follow this link to learn How To Buy Glasses.

Designer Glasses

We offer over 400 top designer glasses brands of designer eyeglass frames. We source all of our products directly from the manufacturers, and we are an official online provide of Oakley glasses frames and lenses. All of our glasses lens work is done at the world's finest quality lens laboratory - Essilor. When you entrust us with your eyeglasses order, you are guaranteed to be satisfied or we will provide you with a refund - hassle-free.

Prescription Sunglasses

We sell sunglasses from hundreds of top designer brands. Sunglasses normally come with non-prescription lenses, but we also have an amazing prescription sunglasses lens service. You can turn most sunglasses into prescription sunglasses just by adding custom lenses (some sunglass frames are ineligible due to their wrap design). You can also make your own sunglasses by choosing an eyeglasses frame and adding tinted lenses to it.

Our Return Policy: No Restocking Fees, Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer the internet’s best return policy on top name brand eyeglasses, sunglasses, and prescription lenses:  1) We never charge a restocking fee on your first 3 frames, 2) If you don’t like the glasses frames you received, send them back for a full refund, 3) Prescription lenses are guaranteed to provide you with excellent vision.  If they don’t, you can send them back for a redo or a refund.  It is that simple.

Free Shipping

For U.S. eyewear orders over $55, shipping is free, and next day UPS is $12.00.  For all other orders, including orders to Canada, Australia, Europe, South America, and Asia, we charge you what the shippers charge us.

Virtual Try On

Eyeglasses.com was the first internet website with patented Virtual Try On technology.  You can Virtually “try on” thousands of eyeglass frames on this website, then email your different looks to friends to get their opinions.  Just look for the yellow “VTO” icon.

Our Catalog is Massive

We offer nearly 400 top name brands of eyewear, with over 200,000 different glasses models.  In addition to having the largest catalog on the internet, we also provide powerful search tools to find what you want -  1) Text search,  2) Browsing by brand, category, or type, and 3) advanced search.  No other eyewear company in the world can compare with the breadth and power of our eyewear catalog.  

Prescription Lenses

Prescription lenses are the most important part of a pair of glasses. That is why at Eyeglasses.com, we only sell high quality prescription glasses lenses, and we always offer a satisfaction guarantee. If we make prescription lenses that do not work for you, we will remake them or give you a full refund. Our lenses are made by Essilor, the world leader in prescription eyeglass lens technology.

Replacement Lenses

Replace the lenses in your eyeglasses by mailing them in to Eyeglasses.com. We will install new prescription lenses for you, which is a great way to salvage all the eyeglass frames you may have tucked away in drawers. We make all kinds of replacement lenses, including prescription, non-prescription, sunglass lenses, glass lenses and just about every lens combination you can think of.  It’s easy: just mail us your glasses frames with your phone number, and we will call you to discuss what you need.  

Help and Information

We pride ourselves on the amount of eyewear information available on this website.  Here you can read everything you need to know to purchase eyeglasses.  If you can’t find what you need, just contact us.  

Store Locations

We have a retail store located in Westport, CT, and a store in Blue Back Square, West Hartford, CT.  For people lucky enough to be in the area or driving by, you can enjoy the full services of an optician, optometrist, and a huge selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Fashion News

We are very excited about our new offering of Oakley eyeglasses, and Oakley Sunglasses, and especially Oakley Prescription lenses.  Oakley has developed an amazing array of prescription lenses both for eyeglasses and for prescription sunglasses.  They have developed a special technology for installing prescriptions into many of their wrap style sunglasses frame which is quite unique.

As for the Oakley new releases, our personal favorite is the Tinfoil Carbon. But you should also check out the Ferrari Collection sunglasses.

When talking about Tiffany eyeglasses, one cannot avoid talking about expression, culture and individuality. Tiffany eyeglasses are the final expression of Americanism: they condense styles from the west, southwest, and south. In other words, the Tiffany eyewear collection shows what some have called ¨the great American tradition.”  Consumers who are the shakers and movers of cultures find in Tiffany a brand with a real understanding of beauty. 

The Gucci eyeglasses brand has brought its luxurious craftsmanship and technical innovation to the eyewear industry. This fantastic company offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy quality, flexibility and elegance in Gucci glasses frames. Gucci is loyal to its Italian heritage and works with green, brown and blue colors that show commitment to the fast-paced city life.