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Giorgio Armani

Armani Sunglasses

Armani sunglasses show that, from the beginning, Armani has had a very clear, unswerving, focus on quality, attention to detail and a quirky sense of humor. Whether you’re looking for an executive, professional look for a work environment or a casual, fun and bright look for your personal life, you are certain to find something within the Armani sunglasses collection that fits the bill exactly. The Armani sunglasses line is divided into three brands, Giorgio Armani sunglasses,  Emporio Armani sunglasses, and Armani Exchange.   Armani glasses and Armani sunglasses can all be customized with prescription lenses, just like all of our sunglasses.  There is often an assumption that designer eyewear brands are solely for women, but Armani actually offers many sunglasses frames for men, styled with masculine lines that show homage to the world of men’s fashion. With Armani sunglasses, you know you will get quality, a fantastic design that is up to date with current trends and an altogether fantastic look that will fit perfectly with your own personal style.

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Giorgio Armani Eyeglasses
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Giorgio Armani SunglassesGiorgio Armani Prescription SunglassesThe Armani sunglasses brand was originally founded and characterized by its elegance and commitment to quality. The sunglasses line is an important addition to the company’s portfolio. Armani sunglasses cover a wide range of styles, from large cat eye plastic frames, to metal aviators. All frames carry the characteristic Armani style, as well as the logo.

When it comes to the most alluring designer sunglasses for women, it is hard not to think about Giorgio Armani sunglasses. When you hear “Giorgio Armani”, you know you are dealing with the richest texture, boldest designs and something unmatched. The latest in the range of designer sunglasses from Giorgio Armani can make a woman discover her rather colorful side keeping the sophistication level intact. 

Armani Glasses

Armani Exchange Metal Glasses For Men

Armani glasses are a fantastically crafted, high quality, design orientated glasses collection featuring many different eyewear shapes and styles. Ranging from thick, smooth and sleek frames, to classic thin metal frames and everything in between, there is a large variety to choose from. They are available in just about every modern shape - oval, round, rectangular, aviator, cat eye and numerous others. The Armani glasses line is divided into two brands, Giorgio Armani glasses and Emporio Armani glasses.

The color choices that complement these shapes are just as numerous, from professional blacks and greys to more vibrant and bright casual colors. Along with the standard glasses available there is also a significant amount of sunglasses available to really add some class and style to your summer look.

Armani glasses benefit from the same knowledge and passion for design that Armani's other designer products do, giving them a stylistic edge over other similar companies. Just taking a look at the collection, it is clear to see that there are very strong influences from the world of global fashion in each and every frame, which are enriched with a carefully selected palette of available colors. The Armani logo, which is now known across the world, is featured prominently on nearly all of the items in the glasses range, acting as a confident stamp of approval of the design and build quality of their products.

Armani Eyeglasses

The Armani eyeglasses line is an important addition to the company’s portfolio. Consisting of eyeglasses frames accommodating prescription lenses, the Armani eyeglasses brand was added to the accessories portfolio and bespeak elegance and high quality.

The Armani line of eyeglasses is a newer and central addition to the Armani line of products portfolio. These prescription glasses are made with a regular hinge, full rims or half rims, adjustable nose pads, and you can choose from a variety of different stylish color patterns. The line is divided between smaller eye sizes which are great for stronger, single vision prescriptions, and larger size acetate frames which are perfect for progressive lenses.

Armani Eyewear

Armani Eyewear is produced by Armani, an Italian luxury clothing and fashion accessory retailer that was founded by Giorgio Armani in 1975. Other than clothing, Armani also produces fragrances, watches jewelry and other fashionable accessories meaning that you are able to complete your entire look with their stunning offerings. From the very beginning, Armani has been at the forefront of designer products and has even has been associated with the world's most renowned style icons. These high profile associations show just how much of an influential brand that Armani is today.

Giorgio Armani Eyewear

The Armani eyewear line is divided into two brands, with the leading fashion brand being Giorgio Armani eyewear. This is the flagship Armani brand, and it shows the most cutting edge styles and leading price points. The collection is designed to introduce new models twice a year to keep pace with fashion trends.

Emporio Armani Eyewear

The second Armani eyewear brand is Emporio Armani eyewear. These designs tend to be more popular, more conservative, and more suited to a larger number of people. This collection is a bit larger than the Giorgio Armani line, and the price point is lower.