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Burberry Sunglasses

Burberry sunglasses come from the house of Burberry, a British firm with over 150 years of existence. Burberry sunglasses are known for their innovative styles and designs, having completely captivated the arena of fashion. The house of Burberry has ensured safety to its wearer, by getting its range of sunglasses equipped with the best protective device so as to combat the harsh glares of the sun.   Burberry glasses and Burberry sunglasses can all be customized with prescription lenses, just like all of our sunglasses.  Their aviator styles, such as the Burberry BE3090Q sunglasses, include their iconic pattern with the traditional style of eyewear frame popular amongst men and women. If you’re considering this style, square and heart-shaped faces bring out the best aesthetics. However, they can work for other face shapes too, thanks to their frames being virtually rimless.

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Burberry Eyeglasses
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Burberry Sunglasses

Inspiration for Burberry Sunglasses

Burberry sunglasses were inspired by Riccardo Tisci, who added a touch of contemporary style to the design. Both fashionable and impressive, Burberry’s sunglasses embody prestige, finesse, and a timeless silhouette for men and women who seek an exclusive look.

As such, the wearers of Burberry sunglasses not only look their fashionable and trendy best, but also stay well protected in harsh conditions. Famously known for its styles and designs, Burberry sunglasses can be found in all shapes and sizes that one would want to flaunt. Whether one wants to wear a round frame, or one prefers to carry a square one, Burberry sunglasses have it all. Burberry sunglasses are available for both men and women. 

Burberry Round Sunglasses Burberry Sunglasses for Men

Burberry Glasses

Burberry glasses represent a signature series of frames, created by a heritage brand with more than 150 years providing stylish, ready-to-wear fashion and accessories. Burberry glasses are a newly inspired innovation that combines the elegance of the brand with the functionality suitable for both men and women. Today, Burberry is a leading luxury brand across the globe, famous for its plaid designs while delivering high-quality, fashionable accessories to the eyewear world. Explore the latest designs for Burberry glasses, eyeglasses frames, and Burberry sunglasses, available online for both men and women.

Burberry Glasses, Frames, & Materials

Burberry develops its glasses models using a variety of high-quality, long-lasting materials. What’s your preference? Burberry glasses come in both metal and plastic, along with iconic shapes such as cat-eye, round, square, and more. Burberry glasses showcase an incredible array of frame styles in the collection, offering something for any occasion or situation. For the professional look, classic colors and shapes are fused with sleek modern design principles which really push that executive vibe.

For casual wear, bold eye-catching colors and smooth lines combine to create a fun extravagant look, and for those wanting something subtler, there are more refined, muted eyewear options. Finally, a range of Burberry sunglasses are available which come in a multitude of different styles and colorings, ensuring that there is something perfect for your summer look. This fantastic brand offers a great range of frames either specifically for men, specifically for women, and even unisex options.

Burberry Eyeglasses

Burberry Prescription SunglassesBurberry Sunglasses for WomenBurberry’s eyeglasses consist of incredibly bold frame styles that have been trending all over the world in recent years. Their most notable trend comes from their thinner style of frames. Compared with other brands, creating bulky and dramatic styles, Burberry sticks to being elegant and suitable for almost all occasions. All Burberry glasses frames are ready for prescription lenses, and they are all deep enough to accommodate progressive lenses.

As a high end fashionable brand, Burberry eyeglasses have strong influences from catwalk trends and current/timeless seasonal and retro color schemes giving you a taste of European design and class in your everyday life. If you’re looking for a well-known, luxury brand with a long standing and well-defined reputation spanning many years, then Burberry is most certainly the brand for you.

You can also rest assured that the best materials are chosen to accentuate each particular design on offer, whether it be metal, nylon or plastic. A wide variety of shapes, from round, to square, to aviator and even subtle twists on these standard shapes really show the time and effort put into each individual product to make them something very special.

Burberry Eyewear

Take a look at the inside of any pair of Burberry eyewear, you’ll find ‘Made in Italy’ printed along the inside of the frame. While this is an important indicator of authentic eyewear made by Burberry, it’s also a testament to their quality in manufacturing. You won’t regret investing in a pair of eyewear from Burberry, they’re built to last and go well with any outfit.

History of Burberry

Burberry is a British luxury fashion brand headquartered in London, England. Established in 1856, Burberry launched a line of outdoor clothing called Gabardine, which was both breathable and waterproof. In 2006, Burberry released its first collection of eyewear, inspired by the brand’s ready-to-wear approach and modern innovation. Their sleek style and vintage designs make a pair of Burberry eyeglasses an iconic choice for both men and women.

The Burberry brand has strong roots in European fashion, with the design side being handled in London, one of the “Big Four” fashion capitals of the world, and the manufacture itself being completed in Italy. For this reason, it can be assured that the quality of both the design and production is of an incredibly high standard. This designer brand focuses on frames for both prescription eyewear and sunglasses with a wide range of styles and shade variations covering both classic and modern looks ensuring that there is an option available for any taste. Stunning design principles and an outstanding attention to detail really secure Burberry’s place as one of the leading brands in global fashion.

With Burberry eyeglasses, you get the benefit of over 150 years of fashion experience across many product areas including clothing, accessories, fragrances and of course eyewear. With humble beginnings when founder Thomas Burberry opened a single store in Basingstoke, England 150 years ago, Burberry now has now grown to have over 500 stores across the globe which is testament to just how influential this brand has become in recent years. Their now international image still has style, luxury and class at its forefront just as it has had throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

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