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Big Glasses

Big glasses are fashionable, and great for people with large heads, or looking for the Jackie Onassis look.  Big glasses frames have large lens sizes, wide bridges, and long temple lengthts.  Big glasses are also very stylish.  Check out our collection of big glasses and large eyeglasses on this page that we like, but you may be able to find more large eyeglasses frame models by using our Advanced Search function.  Big glasses frames are sometimes hard to find, especialy in our list of 350 designer eyewear brands. We have put together a few suggestions of large glasses, but we have hundreds of to choose from. Any of our large eyeglasses can be fit with prescription lenses, although the larger the prescription glasses frame, the thicker becomes the lens edge thickness especially for strong prescriptions.   Big eyeglasses are for big people, or for people that like a large lens in front of their eyes. ...Read More