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Small Eyeglasses

Small glasses are fashionable, and great for people with stronger prescriptions.  Small glasses frames have small-sized narrow lenses, and wider bridge widths, so in stronger prescriptions the thickness of the prescription lenses is not nearly as noticeable as with a larger frame.  Men's small glasses and women's small glasses are also very stylish, .  Check out our collection of small glasses and petite eyeglasses on this page that we like, but you may be able to find more small eyeglasses frame models by using our Advanced Search function.  Small prescription eyeglasses were the norm for decades and decades, when eyeglass lenses were made of glass (small glasses are lighter).  Nowadays small glasses are great for fashion, but really important for those of us with very high prescriptions.  Small glasses are also easier to store in a pocket, and are great for a spare pair of reading glasses.  But do not confuse small glasses with kids eyeglasses; kids eyeglasses generally have shorter temples than regular small eyeglasses frames for grownups.

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