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Women's Titanium Glasses

Women love glasses made of titanium, because it is a material that is very lightweight and flexible. These characteristics give it the ability to carry more lens weight for its size than any other frame material. Titanium glasses are more expensive than other materials, so the majority of titanium frames are thin, rimles, and semi-rimless designs, which reveal the maximum amount of the face compared to other designs. Titanium itself is much lighter weight than other materials, and together with its strong memory attributes, titanium frames can hug your face in an effective but not irritating way.     Most of our 350 designer eyewear brands feature glasses made of titanium.  Titanium is light, flexible, and stiff – all good things. However, there are some drawbacks. Titanium does not weld easily, and you cannot adjust titanium at all. So the problem comes in the temples and nosebridge where many people need some adjustment. The ears of most people are not exactly level, so adjustments are made in the temples and at the nosebridge by the optician to make the frame sit level on your face.  Since titanium cannot be adjusted, manufacturers use titanium in the shaft of the temples, and then attached the titanium to a malleable metal that goes over the ears. Some manufacturers that call their frames “titanium” also use a different material in the nosebridge, again, to allow for some adjustability.  Another problem with titanium that is rarely talked about is its brittleness. Now for most people this is not an issue, but the material becomes unsteady at cold temperatures. For example, if you leave the frame in your car when you go skiing, be very careful when you handle them again because it is very easy for them to snap when you put them back on your face.     Women's titanium glasses can all be customized with prescription lenses, just like all of our glasses and sunglasses.     Another benefit of titanium is the fact that it does not irritate the skin. For most people, this is not an issue. But for some people (you know who you are), hypoallergenic is an important criteria for eyeglass frames. Very, very few eyeglass frames are made 100% of titanium, so be sure to check with your eyecare provider if you have sensitive skin.

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Showing 1-30 of 263 results