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Oakley Prescription Lenses

Oakley prescription lenses are made the same way as most Oakley products – to perfection (click here to order).  Oakley True Digital Freeform Technologytm (OTD) lenses are digitally optimized point by point on the back surface to help provide high definition vision.  This provides greater clarity, wider field of vision, and higher prescriptions in the Oakley high-wrap frames.  Oakley Rx lenses are available for both clear eyeglass lenses, and for Oakley prescription sunglasses, but lenses can only be installed in an Oakley frame.  If you have an Oakley frame already and want to get Oakley lenses for it, we can install them through our Replacement Lenses service. Oakley Etching for Authenticity

Oakley Rx Lenses Single Vision:
Oakley Polycarbonate Advanced
Oakley 1.67 High Index
Oakley1.74 Ultra High Index

Oakley Progressive Lenses:
Oakley Plutonite Polycarbonate Digital Progressive
Oakley 1.67 High Index Digital Progressive

Authentic Oakley Prescription Lenses are Etched for Authenticity

Only Oakley Authentic prescription lenses come laser-etched with the Oakley “O” – an icon of innovation and leading technology – for proof of Oakley authenticity and uncompromising quality.

Oakley Stealthtm Anti-Reflective Coating

Oakley Authentic prescription lenses are available with Oakley Stealthtm, an anti-reflective coating on the interior and exterior surface of the lens (backside only for Rx sunglasses) that helps to reduce glare, and also to repel smudges, body oils, water and dust.  This keeps your lenses cleaner and to stay that way longer.   Stealthtm is engineered for the needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts.  Prescription lenses with Stealthtm are designed to combat the dirty, scratch-prone lenses that become an inevitable part of sport and life. Oakley Stealth Durability

Oakley Stealth Reflection & Glare

Stealthtm Hydrophobic Benefits

Shed the water weight.  Oakley Stealthtm  AR coating is designed with an invisible shield of hydrophobic, water-resistant protection to help resist the build-up of water-based moisture, like sweat and raindrops, on the lens surface that can lead to optical distortion.

Stealthtm Oleophobic Benefits

Stealth Oleophobic Feature

Easy to clean and keep clean.  Oakley Stealthtm lenses feature an invisible shield of oleophobic, oil-resistant protection to help make your lenses more resistant to fingerprints and smudging from facial oils.

Stealthtm Anti-Static Benefits

Dust is everywhere.  Oakley Stealthtm anti-reflective coating is designed with an invisible shield of anti-static protection to help prevent/keep dust, dirt and other particles from sticking to your lenses.

Stealthtm Inner Glare Reduction

Combat eye fatigue and discomfort.  Oakley Stealthtm lenses are designed to reduce disturbing glares and halos experienced on sunny days or from bright headlights at night.

Stealthtm Outer Glare Reduction

Look better. Oakley Stealthtm on your lenses prevent reflections from appearing in your lenses so that other people can see your beautiful eyes, both IRL and in photographs.

Stealth Inner Glare ReductionStealth Outer Glare Reduction

Oakley Rx Lenses Assortment

Oakley prescription lenses are available in a wide selection of indexes, materials, technologies and coatings, so it is very likely that most people will be able to benefit from them.  Single vision lenses and progressive lenses come in basic plastic (1.50 index), Plutonitetm (a type of polycarbonate, 1.59 index), O Authentics high index (1.67 index), and the thinnest material on planet earth, the O Authentics ultra high index (1.74 index) – designed for only the most extreme prescriptions.

O Authentics 1.50 Index

An entry lens, the O Authentics 1.50 offers good optical quality at an affordable cost.  It is lightweight, about half the weight of glass lenses, and shatter resistant, more shatter resistant than glass lenses.  Ultraviolet (UV) protection up to 87% UVA and 100% UVB is included without an additional coating.  Although this lens in only suitable for prescriptions under +/- 4.00, it offers the best clarity because the higher the index, the lower is the clarity:  It has an ABBE value of 54.

Stealth Anti-Static Lens FeatureStealth Hydrophobic FeaturePlutonitetm 1.59 Index

Plutonitetm is Oakley’s version of a polycarbonate lens, which is ideal for sports because it is designed to provide protection and durability.  It provides maximum impact resistance making it ideal for athletes (especially in sports with flying objects), and it is also 20% lighter than the 1.50 lenses.  It should be used for prescription no higher than +/- 6.00, and it does provide 100% UV protection without an additional coating.

O Authentics 1.67 Index

Oakley Stealth RepellentThe O Authentics 1.67 is the lens to choose if your prescription is between +/-6.00 to +/-8.00, because it 25% lighter than the 1.59 index lenses.  It is also much thinner than the Plutonitetm, and it still offers shatter resistance, a sleeker profile, and full UV protection without an additional coating.

O Authentics 1.74 Index

The O Authentics 1.74 lens is the thinnest lens on the planet, for very strong prescriptions over +/-8.00.  If you have a lower prescription, you get no benefit from paying more for this lens.  It is 10% thinner than the 1.67 index lens, and 50% thinner than the 1.50 lens.  It still offers shatter resistance, the flattest profile possible, and full UV protection without an additional coating.

Oakley Prescription Sunglasses Lenses

Oakley sun lenses are also available with your prescription.  Oakley offers a huge selection of their most famous sunglass lens colors in prescription, but not all.  Although they are offered both in single vision lenses and progressive sunglass lenses, the true breakthrough in lens technology came when Oakley pioneered putting their progressive lenses into wrap sunglasses designs, which enabled Oakley to further develop a progressive lens. Oakley Progressive Sunglass lenses take performance to the next level because the progressive design is further optimized for the particular sport you are doing. For example, the progressive Golf design has a larger mid to long distance viewing area, so that you can follow the ball as it flies. The cycling and fishing lenses have a larger distance viewing area so you can survey the area, and the reading portion is smaller.