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Crizal® Sun™

Crizal® Sun™ is the newest introduction to the Crizal® family by Essilor, the world's largest lens company. Crizal® Sun™ uses all the advantages of the Crizal® coatings, but adds high quality lens tinting and mirror coatings. To begin, backside anti-reflective coating virtually eliminates annoying glare and reflections. Add to that the dual-sided, fully integrated hard coat for unsurpassed durability and scratch resistance. Add to that a dual-sided, fully integrated super-hydrophobic layer for the most cleanable sun lens in the industry. Add to that a radiant mirrored front side combined with polarized properties offering premium clarity with 100% UV protection.

And finally, at the core of the lens is full polarization to eliminate glaring jumping up from the ground, water, or road. With the Crizal® Sun™ lens, eye strain and fatigue are eliminated, offering maximum comfort. The patented Crizal® process preserves original lens color. The Crizal® Sun™ lens offers the best protection and the highest level of comfort from the best sun lens in the industry.

Crizal No Glare Coating Crizal® Sun™lenses are available in both CR-39, and Airwear (polycarbonate) materials, in the following lens types:

Single Vision

Bifocal flat top 28 (CR39 only)

Varilux Comfort (CR39 only)

Varilux Physio

Varilux Physio 360

Definity Short

Crizal® Sun™ lenses come with silver or blue mirror coating on grey lenses, or gold mirror on brown lenses. At Eyeglasses.com, we can quote you an ony lens, just give our customer service department a call. For more information, visit the website at Crizal® Sun™.