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Ray-Ban Prescription Lenses

Ray-Ban prescription lenses are available online both in clear lenses (click here to order), and with patented Ray-Ban signature colors in the Ray-Ban lens laboratory.  Ray-Ban DST digital polycarbonate lenses are certified by the engraved Ray-Ban logo on the right lens and the RB initials on the left lens.  DST lenses are digitally optimized point by point on the back surface and have a superior design to guarantee high definition vision: greater clarity, wider field of vision, and reduced eye strain.

Ray Ban lenses single vision:
Ray-Ban Polycarbonate Digital
Ray-Ban 1.67 High Index
Ray-Ban 1.74 High Index (clear only)

Ray Ban progressive lenses:
Ray-Ban Polycarbonate Digital
Ray-Ban 1.67 High Index
Ray-Ban 1.74 High Index  (clear only)

Ray-Ban Prescription Lenses for Single Vision Distance 

High-definition, digital lenses for single-vision distance viewing are available in polycarbonate in all the colors you love, including soft blue, relaxing brown, classic g15 green and sporty copper mirror.  There is nothing better than enjoying a true, authentic RayBan lens with your own prescription.  


Ray-Ban Prescription Progressive Lenses for Reading and Distance Vision

Ray-Ban progressive lenses are high-definition, digital lenses for near, intermediate, and distance viewing purposes. These are perfect for the beach or the pool, where you may want to read and also see what's going on in the water from your comfortable chair or blanket. These polycarbonate lenses are available in the four basic colors, as well as two additional colors, Ray-Blue mirror and Ray-Ban silver mirror, two trend-riding colors and both with the authentic Ray-Ban logo  There is nothing better than enjoying a true, authentic Ray-Ban lens with your own prescription.  You can find all of these lenses in our Lens Wizard.

Discover the Full Ray-Ban Rx Lenses Experience

History and Popularity

Ray-Ban timeless and iconic styles coupled with its passion and unique history has made it the most popular eyewear brand in the world.  Ray-Ban, named after its purpose to "Banish Rays", was originally created in 1937 to protect pilots' eyes from the sun's harmful rays while flying in WW2 airplanes.  Since then, the brand has always been at the forefront of lens innovation.  Ray-Ban leads the way in various lens materials and treatments, including flash-mirrors, gradient, polarized and the latest technology, "Chromance" high performance lenses.

Authentic Ray-Ban Logo

Air force fighter pilots first pulled on our iconic shades 80 years ago.  While technology has advanced immeasurably since then, one thing has remained constant:  Wherever you see our unmistakeable logo, you are guaranteed unrivaled Ray-Ban quality.  And now you can have that same stamp of authenticity on our new RayBan Prescription lenses too.  The logo sits in the corner of the right lens and the RB initials are engraved on the left.

Ray-Ban Logo Etched On Authentic Lenses

DST - Digital Surfacing Technology

The geometry of digital lenses is calculated according to the specific parameters of both wearer and frame.  Lens geometry exploits the best fully optimized free-form technology to maximize the near, intermediate, and distant fields of vision for both single-vision and progressive lenses.  

Ray-Ban Rx Exclusive Anti-Reflective Coatings

Ray-Ban high quality anti-reflective treatments afford customers unique visual comfort and maximum ease of use, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.  Clear lenses feature standard anti-reflective treatment on both sides, and sunglasses lenses feature optional standard anti-reflective treatment on the backside of the lenses.

Standard Anti-Reflective Coating

Standard AR coating offers clearer vision, water repellence, and glare reduction.  Contrasts are greatly improved thanks to the absence of irritating light and ghosted images.  This is true in any light conditions, but especially so in dark environments, and particularly when driving.

Premium Anti-Reflective Coating

Available only for clear prescription lenses, Ray-Ban Premium Anti-Reflective Coating offers clearer vision, water and oil repellence, and glare reduction on both sides of the lenses.  Oil repellence is especially important because once your body oils are stuck to your lenses, they become magnets for grit and dirt, which eventually mar the surface of the lens causing permanent fogging over time.  With oil repellence technology, prescription lenses last longer with crystal clarity.

Polarized Prescription Sun Lenses

Polarized lenses shield the eyes from the dazzling reflections produced by horizontal surfaces.  This is why polar lenses are the last word in terms of technology, protection and comfort.  The advantages of polarized lenses including eliminating reflections, sharpening contrasts, reducing eye strain, and boosting visual clarity.

Vast Color Assortment

Authentic Ray-Ban prescription lenses are available in a huge assortment of 14 different colors, both polarized and non-polarized.  They are broken into three basic groups - solid tint, gradient tint, and mirror lenses - and two different categories - Polarized and Non-Polarized.  Solid lenses are great for all around use.  Gradient lenses are darke at the top and lighter at the bottom, which is not only fashionable, but makes it easier to read.  Mirror lenses block maximum glare, and are also fabulous to look at.

Ray-Ban Rx Sunglass Lens Color Assortment

Prescription Range

Ray-Ban lenses cover a huge range of prescriptions, but not all prescriptions.

Ray-Ban Rx Prescription Range


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