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10 Reasons Not to Buy Cheap Eyeglasses:

  1. Cheap glasses break.  Then you have to start over with the frames and lenses.
  2. Cheap eyeglass frames look cheap, because they are made with nylon and other low quality materials.
  3. Cheap lenses scratch more easily.
  4. Cheap lenses often see their coatings flake and discolor over time.
  5. Cheap lenses have more distortions in the plastic, making it harder to see through.
  6. Cheap lenses may not be made perfectly for your prescription and your face.
  7. Cheap progressive lenses have a smaller viewing area, making them more uncomfortable to use.
  8. Cheap eyeglass stores offer poor quality customer service.
  9. Cheap eyeglass stores often charge restocking fees, or don't accept returns at all.
  10. Highest quality frames and lenses are available at Eyeglasses.com at half the price of retail stores.  Why shop elsewhere?

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