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EyeMed Vision Insurance

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What Do You Need to Know About EyeMed?

If you want to buy some glasses online, then you may have heard about EyeMed Vision Care. A lot of plans include out-of-network savings, and this can cover up to $100+. For a lot of people, a lot of vision benefits tend to be a poor deal. If you want to make the most out of your insurance then we strongly suggest that you buy what you need through our site, and then submit the receipt to the EyeMed Vision Care website so you can be reimbursed using your "out of network" vision benefits.EyeMed Brand

Price Inflation At Network Stores

A lot of optical stores online do accept EyeMed Vision Care insurance as a form of payment, but as a result, they have also increased the total price of their glasses. We don't believe in deceiving our customers in this way, and therefore skip out on this inflation step. We make sure that our prices, whether it is for prescription glasses or top brands of sunglasses, are the lowest they can be.

Your eye health is the most important consideration when choosing an eye care provider and vision source.  Health care is very expensive these days and it is understandable that people want to maximize their vision benefit when buying glasses or contact lenses.  But, even more important than that is to get yourself quality professional eye care and eye exams from a plus provider.

You can check out the optometrist at Sears Optical, Target Optical, Blue Shield, and the Eyemed provider closest to your home to find the nearest eye doctor.  You should research and investigate independent optometry offices, participating providers, primary eye health providers, and all the locations that offer the Eyemed vision plan in order to get the best personalized eye care you can.  After you have done all that, DO NOT then spend more money to buy glasses from those outlets just to use the plan benefits.  What is the point of using your vision coverage and then  paying more cash for glasses?  We are constantly amazed when people do that.  It's just vision correction - don't pay more than you need to.

Vision Insurance Options

Steps For Using Your InsuranceBad Deal

If you are an Eyemed member, then you should be registered already. If you're not an Eyemed member, then you should call this number here: 866-9EYEMED. You can then ask the team for assistance regarding your plan, click on the page on their website, and you can also ask for more details regarding your savings. Make sure that you ask for all of the information required to settle your plan out of their system, as this will make things easier for you later on.  Members can always call Eyemed customer service to tap into their employee assistance program and health savings account.  Or, contact the human resources department at your company.

Get a Price from Eyeglasses.com

When you have all of the information you need, you can then come to us at Eyeglasses.com for a price. After you have gone through the Eyemed vision provider, you will need to subtract the cost of your discount, so you can get an accurate price for your glasses. When you compare this to your local vision provider, you will then be able to see what the best price is. Remember that it is possible to get discount if you are registered under an employees health benefit program, if you are eligible for a students discount, or if you are with the armed services.EyeMed Benefits

Submitting a Claim

When you visit an in-network doctor, you do not have to worry about going ahead and submitting a claim. The company will take care of the paperwork for you. If you go out of network however and you do have out-of-network coverage in your vision plan, then you can usually pay during your visit and then get reimbursed after.

Go To The EyeMed Portal

Simply click to login at your Portal on the Eyemed business website and tell them how much your glasses cost through the third-party vision provider. You can then upload an itemized receipt, along with your name, showing what vision aids you have purchased and how much they cost. The company will then sign off on the reimbursement. This allows you to access vision services that may not be directly linked to the company, while giving you the chance to access a substantial amount of savings and support.

Your Eyemed Medical Card

When you sign up with Eyemed, you will soon find that you get sent two ID cards. You don't have to keep these on you when you visit brokers for glasses, or when working with third-party vision agents. If you happen to need your card for any reason, then you can get a replacement on the portal or you can get up the digital version of your card by accessing the portal App through the Google Play or App Store.Eye Exam Benefit

What Vision Benefits are you Covered for?

If you do not know what you are going to be covered for, then the best way for you to find out would be for you to access the Web portal. Eyemed is a specialty eye benefits company based in Cincinnati, do does not provide dental coverage. EyeMed do offer discounts, so you can save up to 40% off prescription glasses or 20% off sunglasses. You should know that this cannot usually be combined with any other type of saving and it is only for those who are part of the plan.

Want to Find out More?

If you want to know more about these savings or if you need some help from our team, then we highly recommend that you contact us. When you do contact us, whether it is by phone or by email, you can feel confident knowing that we will always advise you on anything you need to know, while supporting you through your purchase. Call us at 1-888-896-3885 if you have any questions, or send us an email at customerservice@eyeglasses.com. We also have a chat option available on our site, if this is more convenient for you. We are proud to serve and can't wait to hear from you.