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Savile Row

Savile Row Glasses

Savile Row glasses are handmade to order in England in 18 karat gold to exacting specifications.  Savile Row is known for its timeless elegance, and is the best-known 18kt gold eyewear collection in the world.   The world's most famous round glasses leaders and celebrities all wore Savile Row frames.  All Savile Row frames are now being made in 18KT gold, and are made to order and shipped from England, and carry a six week delay. Because each frame is made to order, there is a 25% restocking fee on returns withing 30 days.  All Savile Row glasses carry a two year warranteee, and can be customized with prescription lenses, just like all of our glasses and sunglasses. ...Read More

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Savile Row frames have been worn by a long list celebrities through the centuries - Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, John Lennon, Denzel Washington, Steve Jobs, Audrey Hepburn, Rihanna, Harrison FordSean Connery, Ben Kingsley as Gandhi, and even Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. Savile Row frame makers are passionate and create unique sculptural art forms with a timeless style. Hundreds of processes, days of work and years of experience are evident in each tailor-made frame. Savile Row's hand-crafted frames must be felt to be experienced. Our frames pay homage to a rich history while attracting a young discerning clientele. Savile Row is tailored eyewear at its finest.


Savile Row Glasses History

In 1898, Max Wiseman & Co was founded and  in 1932 he acquired the German Algha eyewear factory and relocated it to London. This factory, relocated from Rathenau Germany along with all its craftsmen and machines, is still in operation today.  During WW2 the Algha factory produced eyewear for gas masks and Aviator sunglasses for the British Armed Forces.  After the conclusion of World War II, Algha grew to serve 1.5 million customers a year, with 150 employees in its building. John Lennon and Queen Elizabeth II both wore Algha frames, and John Lennon's iconic Round Eyes were Algha-made. 

To this day, the company continues to make vintage-style custom-made frames by hand and using the same machines that were brought over from Germany almost 100 years ago.