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Careers and Jobs At Eyeglasses.com


Optometrist Needed:
We are currently looking for a full time optometrist (although part-time work could be possible) for two locations in West Hartford and Waterford, CT.   The offices are well-equipped to practice full-scope optometry.  This is a great opportunity for recent recent graduates to learn and be trained by a very experience optometrist, and also to learn about a unique and effective prevention approach to macular degeneration.  Competitive salary and benefits starting around $150k are available.  Send an email with your resume to customerservice@eyeglasses.com; in the subject line write this: "Optometrist Candidate"

Optician Needed:
We are currently looking for a full time optician for the West Hartford location.  A CT optician license is a requirement. The starting salary range is $55,000 to $60,000 + PTO depending on experience.  Must be very comfortable with computers, software, and email. Send an email with your resume to customerservice@eyeglasses.com; in the subject line write this: "Optician Candidate".


Eyeglasses.com is a dynamic company at the forefront of revolutionizing the $22 billion U.S. retail optical industry. Our customer service goal is to offer customers the best choice of what they want, and what they need.

We opened our first, prototype retail store in Westport, CT, in April 2013, where we offer customers a whole new concept, atmosphere, and value proposition in optical retailing. Our new, full-service retail store location in Westport CT is located in one of the busiest retail shopping areas in the country, a few feet away from the national retailers Pinkberry, Urban Outfitters, Patagonia and many more. The store offers eye exams and over 1,000 pairs of frames and sunglasses, in addition to easy access and personal instruction with our website tools. Customers will experience a full service eyewear shopping experience even if they choose not to use the in-store internet access.

In September 2014, we opened our second store in Blue Back Square, West Hartford, CT. Larger than Westport, the West Hartford Store offer more space, more frames, and more optometry hours to serve our customers.

Value Proposition

We offer customers the power of the internet – huge inventory and great prices – together with best-quality lens service and a satisfaction guarantee. Our website tools enable customers to sort and search through a 200,000 product inventory to find exactly what they want and need – the right brand, frame type, color, size and much more. We offer over 500 top designer brands of eyeglasses and sunglasses, with the very best in leading edge lens technology.



We are a small group with a big vision, at the very beginning of a radical expansion. We are looking for employees that fundamentally enjoy providing an important service to people and their community. In addition, we need employees that embrace flexibility, change, growth, creativity, and hard work. We support your personal projects and passions, whether it be for family, hobby, or community service because when our employees are happy, our customers feel the difference.


We seek a simple relationship with clients, and we have found over the years that this type of relationship is beloved by 99% of customers and potential customers. Simply put, we “Always do the right thing.” And we do not let that one customer out of a hundred ruin our day, because each of us is empowered to resolve issues in the following way:

1) We offer products and services that are clearly defined in our "Value Proposition", and described on our website, and through consultations with our employees.
2) The client is not always right.  We go above and beyond in our approach to customer service.  Occasionally, we are not able to satisfy a customer, and in that case we usually offer a full refund and a referral to another eyewear store.
3) If a client becomes unhappy with our Value Proposition, they are always welcome to our satisfaction guarantee and refund policy.

Embracing Choice

In our relationships with clients, we do not use our extensive knowledge and expertise to dictate client decisions. Rather, we listen to each clients' needs, and then use our knowledge and skills to present alternatives which meet their needs.

We also extend this idea to our relationships with clients, vendors, the community and the environment. For example, being a client to a vendor does not give us the power to abuse or exercise superiority over the vendor or the vendor's employees. We base our vendor relationships on the Company principles.


We demand and expect employees to be completely honest in all interpersonal relations involving the Company.

Giving Back

We take social responsibility very seriously, and we have incorporated this philosophy into our charter. The Company looks for ways to give back to the local and global communities, and we encourage employees to do the same.

Mission Statement

At Eyeglasses.com, “Our Vision Is Service”. Our service vision continues to evolve, and it is based on three basic principles – Compassion, Choice, and Fair Pricing - Compassionate Interpersonal Interactions. In all our relationships – with customers, suppliers, employees, investors, community, environment, friends and family – we strive to carefully understand the situations of others, and then to offer appropriate help with kindness. We gather a wide range of quality products with a vast array of features and benefits, and we supply a huge amount of information about purchasing eyewear. As a storehouse of products and information, we are best positioned to offer a choice to our customers in their vision equipment purchasing decision. All of our products and services are offered at a fair price, and carry the standard Eyeglasses.com guarantee and return policy. We only use a top-quality third party laboratory for our lens work, and we only use best-quality lens materials.

Code of Ethics

• Be honest and trustworthy in all of our activities, relationships and communications.
• Foster an atmosphere in which fair employment practices extend to every member of the Eyeglasses.com community. To ensure that we treat one another with dignity and respect, appreciating the diversity and uniqueness of us all.
• Strive to create a safe and supportive workplace, promote healthy lifestyles, foster and encourage personal development, and protect the environment and all living things.
• Through leadership at all levels, sustain a culture where ethical conduct is recognized, valued and exemplified by all employees.


The new Eyeglasses.com store is located at 147 Post Road East in Westport CT, a location benefits from the combination of great signage, high automobile traffic, (18,300 cars per day) and high foot traffic. The location is near some the most well-known and successful national retailers. Westport is also one of the wealthiest areas in the country, with high-income levels that continue to grow.

Downtown Westport is like a mall without a roof: We are a few feet away from Urban Outfitters, Restoration Hardware and Patagonia.  A bit further down the street you will find Nike, Pottery Barn, J. Crew, GAP, Vineyard Vines, Sunglass Hut, Henry Lehr, Coach, Theory, Kate Spade,  and Tiffany.

Neighborhood Demographics

Westport is one of the wealthiest areas in the country. Within a 5 mile radius, there are 119,000 people with an average household income of $146,000. Unlike most areas of the U.S. now, income has been growing over the past 10 years and is projected to continue growing. The median age of 41 years is a perfect demographic for consumers who are beginning to need multifocal lenses.

If you are looking to be involved in the ground level of the next great step forward in optical retailing, please contact us. We are looking for high energy individuals that share our vision, our passion, and our drive for service excellence. Please send resumes via email to: customerservice@eyeglasses.com