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Tryiton Eyewear LLC is the owner of this website - www.eyeglasses.com.  The Policy of Tryiton Eyewear LLC is to foster positive community development with the local, regional, and world communities.  Employees, managers, directors, customers, suppliers and all people are members of the same Earth. We are committed to building strong communities, and so we are also committed to respecting the environment at all levels of the business, throughout the ethical fiber of the company to the behaviors of all people touched by the company. We donate at least 1% of our profits to serve local communities and the environment.

The Company supports our employees' community endeavors with both paid leave and cash donations.  We also make cash donations to local organizations the serve the homeless, and we have a program to donate eyeglasses called Homeless Help.  We seek to recycle all materials that require disposal, by whatever efficient means is possible.  We also make in-kind donations to various groups that supply eyewear to other communities.  We are a collection point for The Lions Club Eyeglass Recycling Program.

We are constantly looking for materials and processes that reduce the burden on the environment, and we encourage our suppliers to do the same.  We favor suppliers that make an effort in this direction, and disfavor suppliers that do not make an effort.  We conduct an internal review four times a year to monitor our environmental and community impact, to determine our imprint, set goals for developmental objective, and review past actions.  We also like to promote brands such as ECO Eyewear, which makes eyeglasses which 95% composed of recycled materials.

Saving Energy Throughout the Business

We always look for ways to save energy in our own office, our commutation to the office, and in our business process (sending and receiving goods from all parties).  We are cognizant that some efforts to conserve could actually incur a greater imprint on the environment.  We pay attention to the environmental impact of the entire earth, not just the impact on our local community.  Our support for the environment also includes searching for lower-energy methods of commuting to the office, such as locating our offices near employees, close to rail and bus stops, and in town-center areas so that employees can walk to services.  We make time and cash donations to local environmental organizations such as the Connecticut Fund for the Environment.

Disposing of Hazardous Waste

We carefully dispose of all hazardous waste, most notably used batteries, and electronic equipment;  We pay attention to the processes of our suppliers to be sure that their hazardous waste is disposed of appropriately.

Evolving Policy

Our World Community Service policy is constantly evolving.  We have a formal policy of reviewing and monitoring our Community and Environmental progams at least once a quarter, but practically speaking, we look for better ways to serve the planet on a daily basis.  If you have a suggestion for how we can improve our policy and/or this policy statement and/or our committment to the environment, please send us your thoughts to this email address:  customerservice@eyeglasses.com

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