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Versace Glasses

The Versace glasses  collection creates frames targeted to the upscale, cosmopolitan, extroverted individual 25- to 35- years old. Included in the eyewear collection is a wide range of shapes that runs the gamut from a contemporary unisex wrap to a feminine oval/rectangular fusion with delicate crystals on the front. Whether you're looking for stylish Versace glasses for men or chic Versace glasses women will love, the frames and eyewear collection find inspiration in timeless, classic glasses design reinterpreted with a bold, modern slant for truly unique accessories. Original, ingenious and innovative, the new Versace glasses frame collections combine glamour, luxury and real cutting-edge design.    Versace glasses and Versace sunglasses can all be customized with polarized, unpolarized, or prescription lenses.

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Versace Sunglasses
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Versace Eyeglasses

Versace GlassesVersace frames teach us that you know a brand has truly arrived when an icon or symbol—whether it’s a vintage coin, signature hardware or a reminiscent texture— is enough to send a powerful message, evoking instant name recognition. And now enters Versace prescription glasses. To Gianni Versace, his company logo, the Medusa, which he adopted from a sculpture of the figure from Greek mythology, was more than just a logo. It became the spirit of the House of Versace. The designer put the image on elegant apparel and had his models strike Medusa poses. Asked why he chose Medusa, Versace said, “She is seduction, a sense of history, classicism… she is a fatal attraction.”  Follow this link to visit the official Versace website.

Versace Sunglasses

Versace sunglasses in this collection might be found sequestered in a neo-Grecian building tucked amid small palaces on Nevsky Boulevard in St. Petersburg, Russia, for example.  And for good reason. Versace sunglasses are beautiful, made of quality materials and tomorrow’s style.  Versace sunglasses have left the rest of the industry behind.  Gift yourself with a timeless accessory today.

Versace Eyewear

Some of the metal Versace glasses frames have elaborate metalwork, possibly with some plastic interspersed to show us that balance can be achieved through the presentation of a very diverse array of textures, colors, materials and other unique details. In all the models can be found the signature Versace logo, and in cases where the temple is too thin to display a large logo, the designers simply made the logo larger than the temples – exceeding all perceived boundaries is the message here.  Almost all Versace eyeglass frames in the collection can be made with prescription lenses.  Choose which frame to put a prescription lens into from our shop here.

World of Versace

Versace SunglassesThe world of Versace is sparkly, jeweled, and not of this earth, as the Medusa head can surely attest. The Versace optical glasses and sunglasses collection is unabashed in its display of Swarovski crystals, metal plate intaglios, bold logos, and elaborate surfaces. There are very few hints of classicism in the collection; instead Versace goes where few eyewear designers can go, and the breadth of beauty and creativity in the line is truly awesome.

Versace is not an old line Italian fashion house, and its designs thumb their nose at those centuries of history. Founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, the company is a babe in the woods compared to its Italian neighbors. Yet, it is difficult not to respect what Versace has achieved with its art in a few short years, and is currently valued at well over $1 billion. It is a shame that Gianni Versace passed to his other world in 1997, leaving the company to his sister Donatella Versace. He designed costumes for an interesting list of celebrities, including Eric Clapton, Madonna, Elton John, Diana Prince of Wales, Cher, Sting, Naomi Campbell, and many more. He was strongly influenced by Greek history (as is readily evident by the company’s logo).

Versace Eyeglasses