Crizal Alize Polycarbonate Anti-Reflective, Low RXs Lenses

Crizal Alize Polycarbonate Anti-Reflective, Low RXs
Type: Reading Vision
Material: High-Index 1.59 Polycarbonate
Rimless: Compatible

The Essilor Airwear lens for single vision distance viewing is available in a package with the Crizal Avance Coating.  If your prescription falls withing th

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If your prescription falls inside this range ( -7.00 to +3.00 sphere, and -2.00 to 0.00 cylinder, no prism or slab) and each lenses is no more than 52mm wide, you qualify for this lens package.  Crizal lenses  have Scotchgard Protector, which reduces nighttime glare from headlights/streetlights for safer driving and fights reflections from computers and overhead lights.  Crizal lenses are clearer so wearers can look better, see better and feel better!  Follow this link to learn more about Essilor Airwear lenses.

 Crizal  combines excellent smudge resistance with superior dust repellence, thanks to new i-Technology ™, while maintaining glare reduction and scratch resistance excellence.

These lenses come with a two year anti-scratch warrantee.  If they scratch, you can send them back to us and we will redo them (in the same prescription and frame) at no charge!


These lenses are thicker than non stock lenses.

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