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Why Eyeglasses.com Is A Better Place to Shop for Glasses Online



High Quality Versus Low Quality Eyeglasses



Among the leading online eyewear stores, there are two basic kinds of stores.  The first kind sells name brand, and high-quality products at a higher price.  The second kind sells unbranded, low quality, and low price products.  Eyeglasses.com is in the first group, but our prices are still 50% lower than typical retail stores.  If you want really cheap eyeglasses, we are not the right place to shop.


Massive Frame Selection Versus Minimal Selection

Again, there are two basic kinds of stores selling eyeglasses on the internet.  The first group offers a massive selection products, and the second group has a very small selection.  Again, Eyeglasses.com is in the first group with internet’s largest selection of eyewear, over 200,000 models.


Huge Lens Selection Versus Minimal Selection

Eyeglasses.com is the only online store with 63 different lenses from name brands such as Varilux, Crizal, Zeiss, and Transitions – all made in the USA.  The other stores sell a very limited selection (usually under 10 lenses) and most have their low quality lenses made overseas.


Return Policy

Most online stores have free shipping, but check those return policies.  Some of the major online stores will charge a 10% to 50% restocking fee on returns, or they may have an exchange-only policy.


Replacement Lenses Service

Eyeglasses.com is the only major online store that offer a replacement lenses service.  You can mail in your eyeglasses to receive the same excellent lens service that we provide to all customers, at a fraction of the cost charged by the typical retail store.


Eyeglasses Buying Guide

There are over 100 pages of information on the Eyeglasses.com website to teach you in all aspects of eyewear.  We have even put it all into a book – The Eyeglasses Buying Guide – loaded with tips and secrets for how to save money when buying eyeglasses.  We urge all customers to read and learn more before making an eyewear purchase.  Our biggest tip:  If you have insurance, use the “out of network” benefit, and don’t pay for the insurance the next time it is offered to you.  If you don’t have insurance, don’t buy it, and buy your eyeglasses online to save a ton of money.