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Banana Republic

Banana Republic Sunglasses

Banana Republic sunglasses frames all feature the same sleek, casual but elegant style and fashion you would expect from all other Banana Republic products. Banana Republic sunglasses are designed using the same stylish aesthetic you would expect to see in any fashionable high-end retail store, they are made with simple clean lines, strict attention to all details, soft, muted color patterns to choose from and also a genuine collection “feel.” There are some people who are just Banana Republic people. If you are one of those people, then Banana Republic's sunglasses are tailor made just for you. The popular designer sunglasses collection takes advantage of its heritage with some classic frame styles but it also winks at a new contemporary dynamism. Banana Republic sunglasses are the ideal choice for men or women with a self-confident attitude who know what they want. Banana Republic glasses and Banana Republic sunglasses can all be customized with prescription lenses.  The sunglasses frames are made with thin, lightweight metal or plastic and are available in a variety of different stylish color patterns to choose from along with a variety of different hinge designs, rim designs, and temple designs. 

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Banana Republic Eyeglasses
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Banana Republic Brand

Banana Republic "the brand" began as a safari outfitter founded in 1978 by Patricia and Mel Ziegler with its headquarters in San Francisco. In 1983 it was bought by The Gap and it operates as a division of Gap with more than 600 stores internationally. Mel Ziegler began as a writer and Patricia as an artist. They both considered Originality and Freedom Of Expression equally as important as making money when they first started Banana Republic. It was their intention to create a company that was completely unique and unlike any other. When Patricia and Mel first started Banana Republic they had little to no experience or background in retail, catalog marketing, direct marketing or the apparel business. They began learning by doing and started with the idea to find, clean up, and sell military surplus clothing In a brand-new context.

They discovered that the clothes had much more intrinsic value than most people realized as they began to notice early on that the clothes they were getting at the surplus places were very well tailored, classic, and they were made to last with the finest fabrics. It is the military surplus that got Patricia and Mel started on their way to creating Banana Republic. They would eventually expand into their own line of finely tailored natural fabric casual clothing. Other creative people were hired and together with their imaginations they, Patricia and Mel would re-invent stores as theater and they would also re-invent catalogs as must- read literary adventure journals. Every step of the way they would shun convention in the hopes of making each of their stores completely unique and different. They promoted their business mostly by sending their clothing for review to some of the cultural heroes of the day back then and their comments would be published in a catalog. Patricia and Mel concentrated completely on designing clothes In defiance of the fashion industries tendencies of planned obsolescence. They were on a path of uncharted territory as they were doing things In a way that had never been done before.

Each and every piece of Banana Republic clothing is made from the highest quality fabrics handcrafted to achieve that alluring our customers have come to love. We have a worldwide presence of 500 stores in 25 different countries and our values have not changed since our beginning 37 years ago.