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Modo Sunglasses

Modo sunglasses are a unique, modern, eyewear-only brand that makes eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses infused with three unique cultures: New York provides a progressive spirit, Italy offers its craftsmanship and Scandinavia infuses a minimalistic style that’s perfect for men and women worldwide. Modo sunglasses are the result of a philosophy that believes today’s sunglasses are as much about fashion as it is about function.  Modo sunglasses combine sophisticated designs and pure elegance with the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology.  Their dedication to the creation of sunglasses for the individual has established Modo as the ultimate fashion accessory.  All Modo glasses and most Modo sunglasses can be customized with prescription lenses, just like all of our sunglasses.

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Modo Eyeglasses
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Modo Prescription Sunglasses

The Modo Collection

Modo’s innovative styles are designed with slim frames, modern materials, and simplistic constructions. Their intent is to provide futuristic styles that are highly functional for everyday wear. Modo eyeglasses are a beautiful blend of professional, edgy. Classy, yet fun. Innovative, yet practical.

About Modo Eyeglasses

Modo is a new competitor in the world of eyewear, having launched in 1990. Although new, they hold offices in New York, Milan, and Stockholm. Modo’s design style unites the cities they ‘live’ in - New York, Italy, and Scandinavian. This trinity is a perfect blend of culture, heritage, and style as well as Modo’s devotion to inspiring designs. ?

Modo has a Mission

In 2016, Modo launched Buy a Frame: Help Children See, which has currently allowed more than one million children in India to see. This incredible initiative is in collaboration with the Seva Foundation, which helps to provide free vision screenings, prescription glasses, and corrective treatments.

Modo’s Eyeglasses are ‘Eco’ Friendly

The founder of Modo, Alessandro Lanaro, built the entire brand around the goal of being committed to sustainability, eco-friendliness, and social responsibility. To bring this goal to the forefront of the brand, Alessandro conceived an idea called ECO. ECO is an eyewear brand that makes its products using recycled materials. The eyewear from ECO is made of 95% recycled content and 63% bio-based material. Also, whenever a new pair of glasses are sold, they plant a new tree.

Browse Modo Eyeglasses Online

Shopping for a new pair of Modo eyeglasses just got easier. Thanks to our Virtual Try-On software, when you find the perfect pair of eyeglasses, you can load a picture of you to try them on before you buy. Once you’re satisfied with your choice, don’t forget to use your vision insurance, HSA, or FSA accounts. This way, when you check out, you can enjoy your new eyewear for the lowest possible price.