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Sperry Top-Sider

Sperry Sunglasses

Sperry sunglasses, in the eyewear collection made by Sperry Top Sider, comes in all of the varied lens shapes that you’d expect from such a well-established brand - square, rectangle, oval, navigator, modified round, modified oval, cat eye and aviator. The coloring that adorns these sunglasses frames ranges from classic blacks and greys, to brighter vivid options and even two tone and extravagantly patterned varieties. The Redondo Nude and Orleans Matte Chocolate Brown are brilliant examples of this high class extravagance.  All Sperry glasses and most Sperry sunglasses can be customized with prescription lenses, just like most of our sunglasses.  To tie in with the company’s strong links to sailing there is also a nice range of sunglasses on offer, which of course are equally well suited to completing your summer or beach look. The sunglasses lenses themselves do not conform to norms and are offered in several unusual colors. ...Read More

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Sperry Top-Sider Eyeglasses
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The Sperry Top Sider range of sunglasses is a pleasantly surprising combination of style, fashion and in trend design - something which you would definitely not expect from a company with its main focus being on footwear. But it just shows that it is really worth not dismissing a brand without checking out what it has on offer as even a quick glance shows that it is full to the brim with fantastic frames that are suitable for a wide range of situations. With the origins of the brand you can also rest assured that the function and durability of these frames match the great design choices seen across the frames available.

The Sperry Top Sider sunglasses range mostly features the quirky sail boat logo which offers yet another classy touch to this fabulous collection. Unlike other brands the logo doesn’t detract from the frames themselves which is probably in part due to the understated whimsical nature of it and the fact that it does not actually advertise its brand name in lettering. Even on the few frames that do feature the lettering, it is so exquisitely done that it actually adds an extra classy element to the overall design.

Sperry Top Sider Tradition

Sperry eyeglasses jump out of a seafaring tradition begun by Paul Sperry in 1895. Sperry’s career began as a seaman first class in the U.S. Navy during World War I. After the war, he loved his cutter “Sirocco”, but almost lost his life due to slippery footwear. From that moment, he began a lifelong quest to solve that problem. Inspired by the alacrity with which his dog jumped around slippery rocks, he designed a shoe sole with carved grooves, giving birth to the world’s first boat shoe. That tradition has followed through the generations after Paul Sperry, culminating in the Sperry Top Sider eyeglasses collection. Using the same attention to detail and fine craftsmanship that created a world-class line of footwear, the Sperry Top Sider eyewear collection has all the hallmarks of great styling and great craftsmanship.

Sperry Top Sider is a company that is most noted for its footwear which most interestingly began life in 1935 as a chance happening caused Paul Sperry to notice that while he slipped on a wet deck while on his boat, his pet dog could actually achieve traction on an even more slippery surface - ice. This led to many trials and prototypes to be created by Paul Sperry in order to replicate the traction that he had observed. Grooves in the bottom of his shoes gave way to the boat shoes which were quickly adopted by the Navy especially during World War II. To this day Sperry Top Sider still produces footwear that is innovative and stylish, but has also made a foray into other areas, including of course the eyewear market.