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  • These designer prescription glasses are made to accommodate most prescription lenses.
  • Made of metal, the frame can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit with your prescription lenses. Your frame purchase includes free standard shipping charges, and manufacturer packaging. You can add doctor verified prescription lenses, add custom polarized lenses, and many other lens options if you desire them. Like all Perry Ellis products, the Perry Ellis PE437 provides the sophisticated and classic look that we all need.
  • Perry Ellis PE437 frames have a rectangle shape, which helps to balance rounded facial features. Frame shape is the most noticeable feature of a pair of glasses, followed by frame color and frame size. Top brands always have a large collection of rectangle frame shape glasses, as well as oval frame shape glasses.
  • Perry Ellis PE437 frames feature a fashionable full frame design, which is the largest component of designer eyeglasses brands collections. A rim all the way around the lenses, provides for maximum stability and durability.
  • This frame has a total width of 131mm.
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    Perry Ellis glasses are synonymous with exceptional textiles, design, and fabrication—a true icon in menswear and now in glasses.  The Perry Ellis glasses collections awaken the Perry Ellis woman or man to a wardrobe full of color and innovative fabrics.  The feel is casual with a subtle flair of sophistication.  Perry Ellis glasses are the invention of the Perry Ellis brand, which has carefully built a worldwide designer reputation for stylish quality and fashionable craftsmanship.  The popular glasses collection takes advantage of its heritage with some classic frame styles but it also winks at a new contemporary dynamism. Perry Ellis glasses are the ideal choice for men or women with a self-confident attitude who know what they want. Perry Ellis glasses can all be customized with prescription lenses.

Perry Ellis PE437