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Oakley Carbon Plate
Oakley Chamfer

Oakley Mens Glasses

use the same precision and quality standards that you would expect from any Oakley product. The Men's eyewear collection is largely rectangular in shape, with dark colors, spring hinges, and an unusual lightness. Whether you choose a Oakley eyeglass frame made of titanium or not, the designs are always made in a lightweight configuration so as not to slow you down in whatever activity your are pursuing.

Men love Oakley eyeglasses for the masculine sense, the rugged durability, and their unobstrusiveness. We favor the half-rim or "0.5" variations for all but the most abusive conditions, since the frame are the lightest in the category but still stand up to regular use.

Check out the Carbon Plate and Chamfer models. Made for men, by men, the Carbon plate is one of the most durable eyeglass frames on the market today, due to the large amount of titanium deployed on the front and the temples — good luck breaking those. Chamfer is for men all the way, using a lightweight plastic material that was invented by Oakley.

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