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  • These designer sunglasses cannot take prescription lenses.
  • Made of Nylon.
  • Ralph RA5248 frames feature a fashionable rimless frame design. This is the lightest design. It reveals most of the face compared to a full or half rim design. It is frequently used by newscasters and Hollywood actors.
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    Ralph sunglasses are a collection made by Ralph Lauren, a brand that is recognized throughout the world. Ralph Lauren sunglasses found their beginning 40 years ago with a collection of men’s ties.  The story of Ralph Lauren sunglasses talks about the emergence of a brand with time. Maybe over time people have really stood by quality and not just fashion. All over the world sunglasses from Ralph eyewear have been known for excellent quality and subtle style. In a way the name can be associated with the unconventional. The unique thing about it is that at the time when others started acting conservative, this was one company that started coming up with a number of designs in sunglasses. All Ralph glasses and most Ralph sunglasses can be customized with prescription lenses, just like most of our sunglasses. ...Read More

Ralph RA5248