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Opticians (LO) and optical store professionals can dispense eyeglasses, make adjustments to eyeglasses and they can measure your pupillary distance.  Optometrists (OD) can do the same as opticians, but they can also do eye exams and write a prescription.  Ophthalmologists (MD) can do the same as optometrists, but they can also do eye surgery.  When you get your exam, be sure to ask the professional to measure your Pupillary Distance (PD), and write it down on your prescription. Your PD is required in order to order eyeglass lenses online.  Follow this link if you want to search for eyeglasses.

Schwartz Eye Care


Welcome to Schwartz Eye Care!

Our innovative technological equipment allows us to detect small changes in your vision. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment helps our eye doctors ascertain your risk factors for debilitating systemic and ocular diseases.  With early detection, many eye-related diseases are manageable.

Whether you need an eye exam, contact lens fitting or treatment for eye diseases, we're the place to go near Richboro, Yardley, Morrisville and Levittown. Through education and continuous training, we keep in step with the future of eye care. We strive to provide the highest level of service, from scheduling an appointment to having your eyes examined and choosing your eyewear.


David Schwartz

* Exams on-site
* Eyewear available on-site
104 Pheasant Run
Newtown, PA 18940-1821

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