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How To Order Glasses Online

Ordering glasses online is a great way to get more selection of trendy and popular mens or womens glasses, and at a lower price than more optical stores. Also, you can avoid the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus during a store visit.  Learning how to by prescription glasses onlline does require that you educate yourself first. There is a lot of information on this website about eyeglasses and prescription lenses, and this page will help you speed up the process, even if you might want to order glasses online without a prescription.  Follow this link to see our How To Order Eyeglasses Online infographic.

It’s now quite common (and easy) to order prescription glasses online. From the comfort of your home, you can browse a wide selection of styles, enjoy more affordable choices, and avoid traveling all around town just to find the perfect pair.

Eyeglasses can be expensive, which is one of the reasons why people are choosing to purchase glasses online. In 2017, more than 8 million pairs of glasses were purchased online and expected to grow in the years to come as more people explore how to order prescription glasses online.

Convenience is also an essential factor, with many retailers providing a Virtual Try-On feature to ensure you find a pair that suits your style and needs. If your concerns are more than just about appearance, you're probably wondering, "Can I order prescription glasses online without doing an eye exam first?"  You'll be happy to know that there are also exciting new solutions for telehealth, such as digital eye exams that offer the same quality and expertise as a traditional eye exam.

However, no matter how attractive prices may be or the convenience it provides, it’s important to know how to shop for glasses. So, here’s a quick guide on how the online purchase process works.

How to Buy Glasses Online - Frames Only

If you're not looking for how to get prescription glasses online but instead just want frames, you can order frames only, without lenses. We ship the frame to you, and you can take it to your local optical store to have lenses installed. Need help choosing a frame, or finding the right size frame? Look at the list of links to the left to help you, or contact customer service with any questions. Upload your photo and use our Virtual Try On application. Try our Frame Search page to look through our huge inventory for frames with your specific needs, such as frame size, material, and shape. Still not sure? You can order up to three frames and return them for a full refund.

#1. How To Order Frames with Lenses: First, Get Your Prescription

Before you start shopping, it’s critical to get an up-to-date prescription from an optometrist. You can get this done as part of a routine eye exam, which allows you to address your overall eye health, as well as catch any changes to your vision.

Many common eye problems require specific types of glasses to correct your vision effectively. Talk to your optometrist to ensure you get the right prescription for your needs.

Next, if you’re only looking for frames, you can skip this step and go straight to browsing for frames that you like. Otherwise, keep reading these tips on how to order glasses online with a prescription to learn how to get the best fitting and most accurate glasses.

Pupillary Distance Measurement

In addition to your prescription, you need to know the distance between your pupils to buy glasses online that fit properly.

Most optometrists will not measure your Pupillary Distance (PD) unless you ask. Be sure to write down this information on your prescription so you end up buying the right glasses online.

Can you buy prescription glasses online if you don’t have this information or forgot to ask your optometrist, don’t worry. There’s a way you can measure your own pupil distance: Just download the form and follow the instructions.

How to Choose Eyeglass Frames

#2. Select Your Frames

The next step is to start looking for the perfect frames. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including different styles, materials, shapes, and colors.

When shopping in-person, you cannot try on glasses. However, many online glasses retailers provide a Virtual Try-On Service. All you have to do is upload a photo and try different glasses that are virtually fitted to your image.

Something else to keep in mind, different types of frames can have a different aesthetic effect. You may want to find a frame that compliments your face shape as well as a color that compliments your skin tone.

#3. Pick Your Lenses

After selecting frames, it’s time to pick your lenses. Having an up-to-date prescription is very important - it will help guide your selection and let you know exactly what you need from a lens.

With your prescription on-hand, you can start browsing online glasses retailers. You’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of the latest glasses for men as well as a large assortment of glasses for women online.

Types of Lenses

There are many different types of lenses you can choose from, such as single vision, multifocal and progressive lenses.

Here are a few common types of lenses along with the eye conditions and situations they’re best suited for:

--Single Vision: Most common type of prescription lens. It has one viewing area with a single point of focus. They can be used for reading glasses with powers of +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, or +2.50 (or quarter steps in between).

--Bifocal/Trifocal: This is a dual or triple-focus lens that uses the same frame to improve vision both up close and afar. You’ll see a thin visible line that separates the two prescriptions on the lens. The lower portion corrects farsightedness, while the upper-portion improves objects at a distance.

--Progressive: Also known as “no-line bifocals,” these lenses have three prescriptions on one lens. These adaptive lenses allow you to seamlessly do close-up reading, middle-range work, or distance viewing.

Buying Glasses Online

Lens Materials

Next, there are several different materials that can be used to create lenses. Here are a few common materials along with the types of lifestyles/activities they’re best suited for:

--Plastic: Lightweight and durable lens material. Often prescribed for their comfort and impact resistance.

--Polycarbonate: Thinner and lighter than plastic, impact resistant, best choice for children and active adults.

--Trivex: Thin, lightweight and much more impact-resistant than regular plastic lenses. They also provide 100% protection for the sun’s UV rays. Best option for prescription sunglasses.

--High Index: Lightest weight and thinnest glasses designed specifically for people with strong prescriptions (+/-6.00 sphere). They are made of a hard resin that provides comfort for everyday use.

--Transition: Interacts with sunlight to change the lens from clear to tinted. Great for having a single pair of glasses that can also serve as sunglasses.

Lens Treatments

--Anti-reflective: Eliminates glare while offering protection from UV rays.

--Photochromic: Changes when exposed to UV rays (i.e., clear indoors, tinted outdoors)

--Polarized: Reduces surface-glare while driving to improve contrast and visual clarity.

--Scratch-resistant: Protective treatment that prevents scratches

--UV Protection: Protects against the harmful effect of UV rays

--Mirror: Highly-reflective treatment to lens to reduce glare

#4. See What Insurance Covers

Once you have selected the glasses you want to purchase, be sure to check out your vision insurance (if you have any) and see what products they can cover.

Many insurance policies offer coverage for online purchases. If not, you may be able to get reimbursed for part of the purchase if the retailer is out-of-network. Contact your insurance provider and request for any out-of-network benefits in your plan.

Similarly, some employers offer a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). You can use FSA or HSA to cover some of the costs of your glasses. Talk to your employer to see if you’re eligible for these accounts to reduce the costs of your eyewear.

#5. Check Out

The last step in the process is to check out and pay for your glasses. Be sure to review the return policy before finalizing your purchase. Double-check that all of the information about your frames and lenses are accurate before checking out.

Then, all you have to do is wait for your eyewear to arrive before you can enjoy your new glasses.

How To Mail in Your Frame for Replacement Lenses

You now know how to order glasses online, but what about if you need your lenses replaced?  You can send us your own frames, and we can install new lenses for you - also known as "Replacement Lenses." Mail your frames to us with your new prescription, your name and phone number, and any instructions you may have. If you just want to redo your existing lenses, you do not need to send the prescription in because we can read your prescription from your old lenses. After we receive your package, we will call you to complete the order. You can mail us your glasses, and we can install new lenses. However, occasionally a frame will break while we are installing lenses and we cannot be held responsible if this happens to your frame. We will try to replace your frame at no charge; if that is not possible, we will offer you a 50% discount to purchase another frame from our website.

How to Order Sunglasses

You can order sunglasses, and they are shipped with the non-prescription, manufacturer's lenses installed at no charge. Need help choosing a pair of sunglasses, or finding the right size frame? Look at the list of links to the left to guide you on all the options of how to order glasses online, or contact customer service. Try our Frame Search page to look through our collection, featuring a huge inventory for sunglasses with your specific needs, such as frame size, material, and shape including designer brands.  Still not sure? You can order up to three sunglasses and return them for a full refund.

Glasses Online: 14 Reasons To Buy Eyeglasses Online

Buying glasses online offers the benefits of greater selection, and lower prices. Eyeglasses.com offers only high quality eyeglass frames, prescription lenses, and services. Buying eyeglasses online is a different way to buy eyeglasses. You can choose between learning about eyewear and making your own decisions, or, paying an optical store employee to make most of your decisions. Most people that consider buying eyeglasses online for the first time are concerned with three things: Can I do this? Will I get the right glasses for me? Will the quality of eyeglasses online be as good as I can get from a local store? Buying eyeglasses or sunglasses online offers a different package of products and services a different eyewear experience altogether compared to shopping in a traditional optical store. 


Buying Eyeglasses Online Compared To The Other Way

1.  Information Accessibility Lots of help & information is available about glasses online for you to read anytime as much as you want. Questions answered by phone or email. Check out our Eyewear Information pages. Very little information about eyewear is distributed in a retail store and lens price lists are never available. Optical stores basically tell you what you want, and then charge you through the nose for it. 

2. Vision Insurance Plans We are accepted by all the major insurance plan as an out-of-network provider. Read more about vision insurance plans and how they work. Optical stores usually participate in vision plans as in-network providers. In order to support this, they must increase their frame and lens prices so that they can afford to accept your insurance for payment.

3. Trying on glasses If you are not sure of the look or fit of eyeglasses online, you can order a few pairs and send back what you do not like. You can also check out our virtual try on feature, where you can upload your photo and try our glasses on your own face. In a retail store, you can try on any glasses that the store has in inventory

4. Eyeglasses fit Eyewear is adjustable, so most eyeglasses fit most people. Read more about eyeglasses size, and adjusting your eyeglasses.

5. Search by Feature Search function allows you to sort and search for the exact style of glasses online that you want. Check out our frame search service. Your search is limited to what you can find in the store.

6. Problem solving If you have a problem with your glasses online, you can mail them back to eyeglasses.com to resolve the problem. We are also available by phone, email, and online chat. If you have a problem with your glasses, you can solve the problem by visiting the store.

7. Eyeglass frames, quality and prices We only sell high quality authentic frames, mostly from well-known brands. All frames are clearly priced. Learn more about eyeglass frames. Read more about how to buy eyewear. There is a wide range of frame quality and price point. Sometimes frames are not marked with a price and you must ask for a price.

8. Selection More than 100,000 eyeglass frames online to choose from. We can special order from a vast number of vendors. Big selection of reading glasses and rimless eyeglasses. Store inventories range from 200 to 1,500 frames. Stores can special order only from a small number of vendors.

9. Accessibility and privacy You can learn and shop eye glasses online as long as you want in complete privacy. While you shop there is usually a salesperson with you most of the time.

10. Eyeglass lens quality and price Eyeglasses.com adheres to the highest standards of lens quality. Our prices are typically about the same as Wal-Mart and Costco, and close to half of other optical stores. Read more about our lens quality. Lens quality varies from store to store. Lens prices are significantly higher in most retail outlets except for WalMart and Costco

11. Eyeglass lenses selection We offer a large selection of eyeglass lenses, and lens options. All of our lens choices have clear prices and a full description of the features and benefits. You can read how to choose the lens that is best for you at the prescription glassespage. We are always available to answer any question you may have. Read more about our eyeglass lenses. It is also easy to order replacement lenses for your glasses, and to make your own prescription sunglasses. Optical store employees tell you the lens package that is best for your needs.

12. Replacement lenses Replacing lenses is easy. Just send us your glasses to copy the lenses, or send us your new prescription with the glasses. This is a great service for prescription glasses and progressive lenses. Optical stores can also easily replace lenses, but their prices are much higher.

13. Progressive lenses With our Multifocal Lens System, we can make progressive lenses in new frames that will work for most people. Follow this link to read more about progressive lenses. Optical stores can also easily replace lenses, but their prices are much higher.

14. Shopping hours 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.  There is great variation of the products, service offerings, and prices among retail eyewear dispensing outlets. 

Varilux Progressive Lenses Online

How to Buy Glasses: 5 Tips For Finding the Perfect Pair


Three out of four American adults need corrective lenses, and often, many of these people have to find new glasses every year or two. A change in prescription may be a common reason to buy new glasses, but it's not the only one. Perhaps you're looking for a pair of glasses with the latest in fashion trends, a scratch-resistant lens to suit your active lifestyle, or simply because, after so much wear and tear, it's time to upgrade an old pair.

Fortunately, shopping for glasses can be fun, but it can also be daunting and overwhelming if you aren't prepared or don't know how to buy glasses. Also, finding new glasses can be costly and a huge investment, both in terms of money and time. Since you'll be wearing your eyeglasses all day, every day, it's crucial to find a pair that's comfortable and stylish, as well as affordable. So, here are a few important tips that can help you find the perfect pair of glasses:

#1. Update Your Prescription

Before shopping, you should make sure your eyeglasses prescription is up-to-date. This will help you determine what type of lenses you need and ensure that you're investing in a pair of glasses that will benefit your vision and overall eye health. Staying updated with your prescription is essential to maintain eye health and help treat common eye problems.

Prescription Duration

Typically, eyeglasses prescriptions are valid for a minimum of one year or as required by local state law. If you have a higher-than-normal risk of your eyes changing in vision quality, you may need a new prescription to accommodate your situation. It is important to choose an eye doctor you trust so that you feel confident and comfortable for your checkups. For your convenience, try to find an eye doctor in your area who can examine your eyes before you go shopping.

How to Buy Glasses

Prepare For Your Eye Exam

Whenever you get your eyes examined, here are a few things to consider and prepare before your visit:
- Provide a list of previous visits, eye doctors, etc. (if available)
- A list of questions or concerns you have about your eye health
- Don't forget to bring your old pair of eyeglasses
You should receive a copy of your eyeglasses prescription once your eyesight exam is complete. In some cases, many optometrists will not include your pupil distance on your prescription unless you ask.

Measure Your Pupillary Distance

Pupillary distance (PD) is an important measurement used to make accurate prescription glasses. It takes the distance, in millimeters, between your pupils (i.e., the center of your eyes) and provides eyeglasses manufacturer the necessary details to put the optical center for each lens. Whenever you're shopping for eyeglasses online, you'll need your pupil distance to ensure you are investing in a pair of glasses with optimal accuracy.
If you are unable to get this from your optometrist, you can download this form to measure your own pupil distance.

Consider Your Lifestyle

What kind of glasses would be best suited for your lifestyle? Take a moment to consider all the activities you do while wearing your eyeglasses.

If you spend a lot of time reading, you may enjoy a portable pair of reading glasses to keep in your pocket with on-the-go. Always outdoors? You can get a pair of polarized prescription sunglasses customized to your prescription. Or, check out the latest designer glasses trends to find the perfect pair for that special occasion.

These are general concepts, but you really need to think about how you go about your life.  This is why progressive lenses have become so popular.  Many people love their progressive lenses, which enable you to see in the distance and also when reading, without removing your glasses or finding a pair of readers.  For example, if you drive to the grocery store you will need your distance lenses for that.  When you get there, you will need reading glasses to read the labels. It is very convenient to have one pair of glasses to do that.  However, while progressive lenses are good for about 80% of people, some people to experience problems with progressive lenses.

Once you know the type of glasses you need to match your way of life, there are a few more things to consider.

Think About Your Preferences

Next, consider your personal preferences for glasses. What styles do you like? What frame shapes and colors do you prefer? And do you think certain styles look better on your face, or with your hair or clothing style?

You'll likely be wearing your glasses frequently, in all different settings, and while wearing different clothes from your wardrobe. Since you'll be wearing them often, be sure to find glasses that you actually like wearing while making you feel good.

Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding different types of frames, lenses, and coatings.

Eyeglasses Can Complement Your Face

Here are the best glasses for a specific face type:

  • Oval - People with an oval face are ideal for their balanced proportions. Typically wide or walnut-shaped frames are most suitable. However, they're fortunate because they'll often look great with every type of frame.

  • Heart-Shaped - Having a wider forehead with a narrowing chin can reveal softer features; frames should be wider at the bottom for a balanced look. Thin, light-colored frames, and rimless frames are also a great choice to enhance appearance.

  • Round - People with a round face can choose a rectangular glasses shape to minimize the roundness of their face, or, choose a more round shape in order to emphasize and glorify a round face shape.

  • Square - People with a square face usually have a strong jaw. Since the width and the length of the face have similar proportions, narrow frames help to make a square face look longer. A rule to follow is to find a pair of glasses with more width than depth.

  • Rectangular/Oblong - An oblong face is long and narrow both at the forehead and the chin. Unlike square faces, it's better to have more depth than width to make the face seem shorter and strike a balanced appearance.

  • Triangular - Faces with a narrow forehead that widens near the chin and cheek areas benefits the most from frames with a heavy accent at the top. Cat-eye frames would be a great recommendation!


#4. Shop Around

Varilux Progressive Lenses

Don't settle for anything less than the glasses you want. Be sure to shop around and consider many different options when looking for a new pair of glasses.

You can find glasses conveniently located at your optometrist's office. However, there are plenty of places to buy glasses online that offer an enormous selection and more affordable prices.

According to research by the Vision Council, many Americans are using the internet for online "window shopping." By searching through online retailers, they can conduct research, find discounts on brands and frames, and look for locations nearby to purchase glasses in-person.

Eyeglasses for Men & Women

The internet can also be used to see the latest trends in fashion for women’s glasses. Styles are fast-changing and whether you want something professional, stylish, vintage, or funky -- you can find any style that suits your preference.

This also applies when shopping for men’s glasses. There’s a wide range of top-rated styles available for prescription lenses, as well as for reading glasses or non-prescription fashion accessories.

Shopping for glasses online is becoming easier than ever and a great way to discover the hottest options on the market. Best of all, some online retailers have a Virtual Try-On which allows you to see how you'd look before deciding to buy.

#5. Commit to the Perfect Pair

Have you finally found a pair of glasses you completely love? When you do find that pair, don’t hesitate to commit completely, even if they’re a little more expensive than you’d like.

Even though glasses can be costly, they’re worth it to invest in a pair you truly love instead of settling for a glasses you don’t especially like. Remember, you’ll be wearing your glasses often and just because you can save a little money, you’ll be stuck with glasses you never really wanted.

Fortunately, there are ways you can save so that you can get the pair you want, no matter the price tag. If you have vision insurance, you can save a considerable amount of money on your eyeglasses. With some plans, you can enjoy more than 50% in savings on retail prices.

So, before you make the final decision to buy a pair of glasses, check in with your insurance company to see which ways you can save so that you can spend more to have the perfect pair.

Author of this article: 

Mark Agnew, AuthorMark Agnew
CEO of Eyeglasses.com, which he founded in 1999.  For over twenty years, he has educated consumers, improved their vision choices, and reduced costs in eyewear.  Mark authored The Eyeglasses Buying Guide, the most comprehensive and best-selling glasses buying guide in the world.

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